I know you have been thinking of quit smoking. The reason you still smoke now is because you can not distinguish between, what is the truth and your real thought, and what is that the nicotine in your body tells you. Read Smoker's psychology as your first step.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Several ways to help you quit smoking

Remember, fully understanding the truth of smoking and smoker's psychology is the crucial part and determinate factor to successful stop smoking. Please read the posts in smoker's psychology as your first step.

During your first couple of weeks without cigarettes, try the following techniques to make you feel better:

1. Avoid participating in activities which involve with a lot smokers, such as party.
2. Tell your family and friend you are in quiting smoking, and please don't pass you cigarettes.
3. Drink more, whatever pure water or tea. It can help to export nicotine.
4. Breathe deeper several times in a day for a couple of minutes, especially at the moments you smoked before, such as after a meal, or after bath.
5. Deep breath in the early morning, feel the pain in your throat and lung.
6. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.


  1. Nice post on the tips for quit smoking. Quitting smoking is not the easy task we need to put the lot of efforts in it. In the mission of quitting smoking we can take, the help of our family members, friends and relatives. Also by taking the help of your near and dear ones, you can quit smoking.
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  2. Yes, you are right. Family will always give you the biggest support for your quit smoking mission. I do feel I had a much better time with my family after quiting.