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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do you really like smoking?

Sometimes when you failed quit smoking by lighting a new cigarette, or you tried not to quit smoking, you always use the excuse: I do like smoking, I enjoy the tastes, and the feeling when the smoke burns my throat. Is it true? Do you really believe the words in your excuse? Actually, you clearly know that they are excuse. The truth is that you want to take some nicotine to release from your addiction, just like those drug-user. The truth is you don't like smoking at all, for real.

There are several questions widely proposed which can help you to clarify this:

1. Do you enjoy your first cigarette?

No. Most people find their first cigarette choked and hard to swallow. They tried a long time to get used to it. I never tried long time to fall in love with tea, music, or tennis. I like them from my first encounter to them.

2. Will you smoke some bad-tastes cigarettes when there is no other?

The answer is YES. In fact, the hobby of smoking is totally different from drinking tea, taking sun bath, etc. I cannot imagine I would take some scraps out of the shredder and boil it to drink, just because I have no tea in hand! I would also not grill myself under a burning sun just because I feel I must take sun bath every hour! I will definitely not collect the tails of shrimp from other's plates and eat up the little remaining meat because I love shrimp. But a smoker will pick up a butt without knowing who used it and happily light it if he doesn't have a cigarette in his pocket.

3. Do you always experience that the strongest desire for smoking coming right before you light it up, then after you take several sucks, your enjoyment weakens a lot, then you are just suffering from the rest smokes but insisting to consume it entirely, to not waste it?

When I eat something I like, the good feeling never weaken during almost the whole meal. I enjoy my every bite equally.

4. Do you really decide to smoke for the rest of your life?

I could say that I would drink tea, play chess, tennis, and listen to music for the rest of my life. But for smoking, most people think that they will quit some day. Why? What the smokers don't want to admit but the truth is that they don't really like smoking, they are just caught and slaved by the cigarette.

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