I know you have been thinking of quit smoking. The reason you still smoke now is because you can not distinguish between, what is the truth and your real thought, and what is that the nicotine in your body tells you. Read Smoker's psychology as your first step.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's been 5 months as a non-smoker.

I can hardly remember what is the feeling of enjoying smoking. And feels like the smells of smoke are disgusting when somebody smokes aside of me.
I admit that during these several months. I tasted several cigarettes passing by my friends. It feels like the time when we began to learn smoking. No joy, no release, just feel disgusting, no desire to smoke more. So I dropped them quickly after a few inhale.
I fully know that I'm a non-smoker now. Because my nerve in the brain has completely detached from nicotine. So the addiction disappears.
I like the feeling now of fresh-air-in-every-breath.