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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't envy those who smoke less

As a smoker, we always envy those who only smoke 5 or less per day. We think they can enjoy smoking but not hurt too much by the harmful materials. However, the truth is as following:

1. Smoking is not an enjoyment. If you really quit smoking, you will not envy those who smoke less. It makes sense because a normal sighted person will not envy the shortsighted ones, only the blind envy them. You envy the less-smoking-per-day smokers because you have not freed from the nicotine slavery.

2. Most 5-per-day smokers are even suffering more than the 1-pack-per-day guys, both mentally and physically. Because they consume less cigarette , they need to inhale more and deeper for every smoke, which is much more harmful to their body. Also, they always need to fight with the thoughts of lightening up a cigarette if it is not the time. So for most of the time in the day, they are just waiting anxiously for the next releasing moment, just like the prisoner waiting for the routine exercise.

If you are a smoker and tried to smoke less per day, you should have felt what I mean above. And you must find that smoke less or gradually stop smoking is not an efficient way to quit.

You must quit entirely when you decide to stop smoking. Don't lie to yourself by taking less. It only means you don't want quit. Smoking less is just an excuse for continue smoking. You know that.

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