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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sport is better than medicine

If you ask me what is the most effective way to quit smoking, I would recommend sport. As a smoker, we could easily notice that we don't regularly take any exercise, especially those which require more than 45 minutes or even longer, such as running for a coupon of miles, a one and half hour tennis, or an intensive 45 minute fitness class. And we also find that those people who do sports 2, 3 times a week, seems never smoke. Our smoker friends don't take regular exercise either.

Why? Sports and smoking are born to be enemies. We find without surprise that, after an intensive exercise, the desire for taking a smoke reduces a lot. Even if we take one because of habits, the cigarette does not taste good, not as much as after we take a meal. The taste is somewhat like when we first take a smoke -- no pleasure, hoping to stub out soon. Nicotine effect is restrained after a sport! On the other hand, if you smoke a lot per day, you will hardly have the energy to do exercise.

So the easiest way to quit smoking is to regularly do exercise. At the beginning, it is better to take exercise multiple times per day, each for half an hour. You will find that you don't smoke as much as before. Maybe you will only consume half of the cigarettes, or even consume 0 after a while, naturally, without any pain or any ambivalence.

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