I know you have been thinking of quit smoking. The reason you still smoke now is because you can not distinguish between, what is the truth and your real thought, and what is that the nicotine in your body tells you. Read Smoker's psychology as your first step.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smoker is slave

Have you ever realize that you are not enjoying the smoking, but are slaved by the cigarettes? Let me clarify this by a story.

Paul Getty, an oil business man and the richest in the U.S. in the last century, was a heavy smoker. He woke up one night in a small inn, and hoped to take a smoke. Unfortunately, he didn't have one. He was so heavily driven by the desire that he decided to walk 6 blocks to the rail way station to buy a pack. It was rainy and dark outside. So he geared up with the rain coat and got ready to fight with the rain for the small pack of cigarette. He stepped out the door, slogged in the downpour, thunder and darkness. He suddenly found that how ridiculous his behavior was. How could he sacrifice so much to just take a smoke? He realized that he was totally a slave of the cigarette. Indeed, smoking is the best master that every smoker takes the slavery as an enjoyment!

Guess what, Paul Getty laughed at his own stupidness and got back to bed without smoking, and never smoked since then.

He is clever and lucky that he finally got to know the truth of smoking. He found the path through the thick mist, though it is hidden so well.

Quit smoking is not hard at all, if you see the truth through the mist as well.


  1. yeah I agree. We are all slave and definitely true. I smoked for almost 3 years now. I crave the taste of cigarettes. -If I want to relax, I light up. -If I run into a problem cigarettes help me to think clearer. -I smoke a cigarette after a meal. -I smoke a cigarette after I wake up. -I smoke a cigarette after completing something (as a reward). -I smoke while I'm with my friends. -And the list goes on and OH my!
    too bad for me. . .but I am trying

    visit me here and know me better

  2. Smoking is the worst thing one can choose for himself. I really appreciate your way of calling smokers a slave..:) At least this may motivate them to quit smoking. I tried to quit smoking with Electronic Cigarettes and i am not a smoker now

  3. Never tried elec. cig. before, hope it works at least for some people.

  4. smoking is not a healthy option in any circumstances, just quit it as soon as posssible tryElectronic Cigarette to quit smoking. It will help u for sure

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